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The latest version now comes with the latest version of hydrodynamics software (SHIPFLO) as well as HEC-RAS, the GRID-based Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) software. RIVER VIEW 11 has been developed using a strong and knowledgeable user base including a large number of commercial as well as government users. Features Additional support for the Joint FAO/IAEA (FAO-IAEA) approach and an optional routing algorithm for coastal waterbodies. Dynamic Filtration of the water layer model Tidal Variation River Monitoring, Habitat Monitoring Fluvial Geomorphology Hazardous Pollutant Prediction Hydrologic Loading Hazardous Liquid Flow Spectral Colour Analysis Color Multiplier Analysis Color Scattering Rainfall Runoff Prediction Temperature Runoff Prediction Runoff Prediction Bubble Lacing Nutrient Runoff Prediction Lake and Reservoir Monitoring, Watershed Assessments Runoff Enhancement Detection of Seasonal Snowmelt Detection of Flooding Monitoring of Groundwater Table Monitoring of Groundwater Flow Groundwater Flow Prediction Hydrology Water Level Prediction Lake Level Prediction Fluvial Plume Predictions Bubble Drift Predictions Rainfall Discharge and Flow Monitoring Load Monitoring and Prediction 3D Floods Unified Surface Water Modeling (USWM) Unified 3D Surface Water Modeling (USWM) Drainage Network Reconstruction Multi-phase Channel Flow Dynamic Water-layer Assimilation Sediment Transport Simulation Green Water Water Efficiency Analysis Turbidity Measurements Discharge Analysis RIVER VIEW 11 has a fully integrated feedback system which allows users to provide input data and visualisation on a 2D or 3D plot. The update of the data is displayed automatically and in real time in the model's graphical user interface (GUI). Other data, such as values of the DEM, slope, depth, lake and reservoir levels, etc. are displayed in the background. RIVER VIEW 11 is based on the universal ARM system which enables the user to input data in Microsoft Excel and Access database files. Users of RIVER VIEW 11 can



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